Could you use 80 bucks today?

Did you know that the average pawn loan amount in the US is $80?

That means it is pretty easy to get $80 bucks at the pawn shop, maybe

a lot more than that. It happens every day.

Every day, people just like you use pawn shops to get quick cash loans.

The only qualifying factor on the amount of cash you can get is the

value of your valuables.

Maybe you never considered borrowing money from a pawn shop?

Maybe you should. Its fast and easy.

If you have a need for quick cash, and something worth a little more than

what you need, bring it down to us today, we are here to loan you cash!

At Mid South Pawn, we have been loaning you cash since 1992! We are

here for you when you need us. You want to know that your stuff is safe

and waiting on you when you return, we want to earn your trust.

We want to do business with you today. If you need cash, come see us!

Don’t need cash? Come see us anyway, we have a large variety of pre

owned merchandise at great prices! We might have just what you are

looking for!

If you could use some cash today, remember us.

Have a nice day!



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