Diamonds = Cash!

Do you have a diamond or gold jewelry with diamonds in it? It could mean quick cash to you.Maybe even more than you paid for it new.

Due to a lot of economic reasons, todays gold and diamond markets are trading at record highs.

Some gold buyers might tell you that your diamonds aren’t worth anything, or maybe even subtract weight from your gold and pay you less because of the diamonds. Don’t fall for that. Diamonds are very valuable and you should get paid for your diamonds. They may not have the expertise or want to take the time, We do. We pay you for your GOLD and DIAMONDS!

Just like anything else, the more you have, or bigger they are, the more they are worth.

Want to get paid for your gold AND diamonds? Come on down to Mid-South Pawn!

Clean out your jewelry boxes and junk drawers, bring it down and let us pay you cash for it.

As always, we can LOAN on your valuables, gold and diamonds!

If you just want a quick loan and would rather keep your gold, diamonds and valuables, we can do that.

We just hold them for collateral for the loan, THEY ARE STILL YOURS!

Pay the loan back with a small fee, and you get your stuff back.

Its that simple!

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