Fiscal cliff ahead

Fiscal cliff ahead?
I’m sure you have heard about the approaching fiscal cliff by now,
It’s what is going to happen if our elected representatives don’t
come up with a plan in 2 days.
It sounds scary, going off a cliff, and it is, but it doesn’t have to be
that way.  A lot of things are simpler than people want to make
This could all be solved if people could be a little more
open to communication and compromise.
Its not a very nice thought to be having on the verge of the new
year, going off a cliff.
You can rest assured, fiscal cliff, tax increases, whatever scary things
that this new year may hold, Mid South Pawn will still be here to
help with your financial needs this year, just like we have been for
over 20 years.
If you have a looming fiscal cliff in your personal financial life, we
have a solution for that, come see us this year.



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