How To Get A Loan

$5 to $5000 We Want to Loan You the CASH You Need!

Our loans are based on the value of your collateral.

This means we loan quick cash and hold your valuables as security for the loan.

You can retrieve your collateral within 30 days by repaying the loan amount and a pawn fee based on the size of the loan. If you need a loan for more than 30 days, you can pay the fee to extend your loan. We also offer the option to make payments on the principal, this allows you to pay off your loan faster and saves you money.

All that is required for a cash loan is a valid government issued picture id and adequate collateral for the loan amount you desire!

Some of the items we can loan on include:

  • Gold-even if its broken
  • Guns
  • Guitars&musical instruments and equipment
  • Diamonds
  • TVs
  • DVD Players &Blu ray players & movies
  • Rolex watches
  • Silver and Gold Coins and bullion

We are professional pawnbrokers and we want to loan you the maximum amount possible.

Your stuff is safe with us! We have secure, safe storage for your valuables while they are in our possession. We have 24 hour video surveillance and monitored and backed up alarms protecting your valuables.

We are open 6 days a week Monday through Saturday to serve your loan needs.

Our loan process is quick, easy and confidential. We require no application, no credit check, no financial statements and we will never sell or give your information to anyone. Your privacy is our priority!

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