Gold is still gold

You may have heard the doom and gloom. The stock market took a plunge
gold is down, blah blah blah. This is not a bad thing. It is actually a very
good sign. The stock market was due for a correction, cheap money from
the federal reserve was inflating the market, an artificial rally. The market
is reacting adversely, to the fed’s message of tightening monetary policy.

The fed is essentially saying that they think the economy is picking up
enough that they can stop some of the artificial support. That is a good

What does this mean to you if you still have gold to sell? It means its still
a good time to sell. The cash you get is worth more if inflation is low.
easy fed money and inflated prices make it hard to see but when prices are
higher, your cash is worth less.

Don’t worry or sit and hold and wait for the price to come back up, It may
keep dropping. Gold is Still at historically high levels, now is as good a time
as any in the last 15 Years to sell gold.

If you have gold to sell, even if its broken or old, or out of style, bring it to
us today. We are always paying top dollar and loaning more cash on your

We look forward to seeing you


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