Gold price takes plunge

Gold price takes plunge

Maybe you heard, or maybe you didn’t hear, but since last week, gold
spot market price took a plunge. It dropped back to 2011 levels. You
may wonder what this means to you.

If you ever thought about selling gold, It means its still a great time to
do it. Prices are still at historic levels. If you have old gold, broken, or
otherwise that you have owned for any amount of time, It is still very
profitable to sell it. Most consumer purchased gold was bought at
average market prices of 400-800 per oz. Gold price is still over $1300
per oz. This means you can still almost double what you paid if you sell

No one knows what tomorrow holds, the gold price could rise, or it
could fall. If you have gold and want to sell, lock in your profit now.
Bring it to Mid South Pawn today for a cash offer.

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