Have a Gold Mine? Don’t get the shaft!

Have a Gold Mine? Don’t get the shaft!

I’m sure by now, you have heard how everyone wants your gold,
You see it every day, we buy gold, all over the place. Gold buyers
are all over the place. Which one should you choose?

I would choose the one with the most experience and best reputation.
With gold prices being what they are, don’t take a chance on some new
guy who just decided to start buying gold the other day.

Come to Mid South Pawn. We have been buying your gold and loaning
you cash since 1992! We have been here that long for a reason, we treat
you right.

Don’t let someone underbid your gold because you didn’t know what
you had. Gold is worth big money right now, a little goes a long way.

We want to make you the highest offer on your gold, come and see!

What if you don’t want to sell your gold, but still need cash? We can help!
We make cash loans secured by your gold. We hold your gold, you get cash.
Its still yours, just come back in and pay off the loan, get it back!

What if you don’t have any gold? That’s ok, we loan and buy on lots of
stuff. Guns, guitars, musical equipment, TV’s, watches, the list goes on.

Give us a call today or just come on down and show us what you have,
It may be worth more than you think!

Have a nice day!

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