If its Old or Gold, We want It!

Maybe you have heard that before, but we mean it. If you have anything that is old, or any Gold, silver, or diamond jewelry, we want it. So what, you say, everyone wants it. This may be true, every day, there are more stores and individuals popping up or passing through town who want to buy your stuff.

There is a reason for this. Most of them are lowballing unsuspecting consumers to death.

The reason everyone wants to be into gold buying, buying coins, guitars, or whatever else they think of is because they want to steal it.
A lot of new buyers are betting on the hope that you don’t know what you have. Believe me, if you don’t know what its worth and they do, they are probably not gonna tell you. They are gonna make you an offer they think you will take, it might even sound good to you. Especially if you just cleaned out all your broken jewelry you bought years ago, or inherited a vintage guitar you cant play and don’t know anything about.

If you don’t know what its worth, find out first.

Check with someone who is trustworthy and reliable, Like us. Mid-South Pawn has been buying, selling, and loaning you cash since 1992. You don’t stay in business that long by ripping people off. We have been around for the long haul. We will be here for you now and in the future because we treat you right. Come in and check us out. Brian and his friendly team will tell you straight out. We know what your stuff is worth today. This is what we do. We don’t buy gold and guitars for a hobby, We don’t travel around the country, we don’t need to. We are here for you. We are serious. We want to get you the cash you want and need. We want to be here for you. You need cash, we want you to get it from us. We want to do business with you for a lifetime, not just one time.

Come on in and see!



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