Important Economic Info !

You may be wondering about all you hear about gold and gold prices. Right now there are many factors driving gold prices. You don’t have to be an economics major to gain from it though. Rignt now, your gold is worth more than it has been in years, maybe in your lifetime.
Prices may climb, but eventually, they will fall again, its been proven with time. Why risk holding on to it when its worth so much now. Lock in your profit. If you are not using it anyway, put the cash into something you want more. You can get big cash money for gold right now, even broken, old and out of style stuff. You know what im talking about. If you haven’t worn it since 1995, maybe its time to get rid of it!
You could send it in somewhere, or go to whoever hollers loudest and longest on tv, or you could just come on down and see us at Mid-South Pawn. We have been buying gold and diamonds since 1992 because we do it right and get you the most! Have a happy Labor day holiday.



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