Its not the end of the world

Its not the end of the world!
I was glad to see that the world didn’t end today. I didn’t really
expect it to, but a lot of people did.  You may be thinking that
the Mayans got it wrong, but maybe they didn’t.
The Maya never said the world was going to end today, they just
Happened to make a calendar that stopped today. Maybe they
just thought they had planned far enough ahead. 5125 years is
a long time to make a calendar out for, maybe they just figured
if they made it this far, they would make more pages then.
I hope you didn’t do anything too crazy or stupid to celebrate or
Commemorate the world ending. If your plan depended on the
world ending, maybe you need a new plan.
What does any of this have to do with a pawn shop? More than
You might think. If you have an unplanned event, or something
you were planning  on fell through, and some cash might help
get you back on track, we can help with that. So the world didn’t
end, its really not the end of the world!
Remember there are still 3 shopping days left till Christmas!
Come on down and see us today!

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