Long on stuff, short on cash?

Long on stuff, short on cash?

If you find yourself in this position, in need of some
quick cash, we can help!

Maybe you have never thought of going to a pawn shop for
your financial borrowing needs. Maybe you should.
Pawn shops can be a very convenient source of quick, and
private cash.

If you have items of value, you can cash in on them.
At Mid-South Pawn, there is NO credit limit, and
no credit check, bring more stuff to get more cash.

Cash is just sitting around the house, in the form of
unworn, broken or old jewelry, Fine sporting and
collectible firearms, Coins, Diamonds, Fine watches,
and lots more.

Come in or call us today, Bring in your stuff, even if
you dont know what it is. We can value it for you and
probably loan on it.

Remember to tell your friends about us, tell them to
mention your name, if they do, we will reward you for

Every referral that results in a deal will earn
you a special reward, your choice of 10 percent off your
next purchase, $10 more on your next loan of $50 or more,
or a free 10 day extension of your due date.

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