Need a large loan fast?

Need a large loan?

Do you need a large loan today?

At Mid South Pawn, the only credit limit Is the value of your collateral. Its that simple.

If you have high value items, and need a larger loan, get in touch with us, we may be just what you are looking for.

What do we accept as collateral for larger loans? Lots of stuff, things like fine gold and high quality diamonds and jewelry, gold and silver bullion, gold and silver bars, and coins, Fine collectible, sporting and military firearms, Rolex watches, Martin, Gibson, and other higher end guitars and instruments, the list goes on.

If you have an extraordinary need for cash, and extraordinary items to use for collateral, we can help!

If it has a value, we can value it and loan you cash on it! We offer special rates and terms on higher loan amounts. We can tailor a solution for you today.

You never know until you ask, you might be surprised at what a pawn shop can do!

Give us a call, email, or come on down today!


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