Need some fast cash? Let us approve your loan today!

If you need some quick cash, and other sources have failed you
or you just dont want to put up with what it takes to borrow
money the traditional way today, maybe you should consider a
pawn shop loan.

Pawn loans are a time tested way to get some cash fast. The
pawn industry is one of the oldest financial institutions known
to man. We date back at least 3000 years and early pawnshops
became the foundation of the modern banking system. Don’t hold
that against us though. They got harder to deal with, we got easier.

All you need to get a pawn loan today is your item or items of
value, a valid state issued picture id, and a need for some quick cash.

We take Gold and diamond jewelry, Guns, coins, silver and gold coins
and bullion, and a whole lot more. If is valuable and marketable,
we probably can loan on it. We also buy your stuff if you just want
rid of it. Dont take chances just anywhere, Mid-South Pawn has been
loaning cash, buying your stuff, and exchanging your gold and diamonds
for cash since 1992.

Brian has been there since the start and has the skills and
experience to get you top dollar for your stuff!

Give us a call 865-882-7188 or Come on down Today!



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