We buy Diamonds too!!

By now everyone knows gold prices are at record highs. Due to the poor economy and other factors, gold is up. Everyone is buying and selling gold. We are too. We have been buying gold since 1992. We have the expertise and experience to get you top dollar for your gold even if its broken.

What you may not know is that due to some of the same factors, Diamond prices are up too. A lot of gold buyers dont have the expertise to buy your diamonds, Some of them may even tell you your diamonds are not worth anything, just paying you for the gold, If you hear this, dont believe it. Diamonds do have value. We pay for your Gold AND Diamonds. We also buy loose diamonds, broken ones, bigger and smaller ones. We always want your gold, We also want your diamonds. We are strong cash buyers of both. Bring your stuff in and let us get you some cash!


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