We’re still here

You may have seen some of the ads for the traveling hotel buyers lately. They are kind of hard to miss, the ads that is. The buyers are already gone. Just breeze through, haul off treasure and leave town till the next time they pass through. We are still here though. Mid-South Pawn has been buying your precious metals, Gold, Silver, Diamonds, and lots more, since 1992. We are here for you today. We will be here for you tomorrow.

We want to be your choice when you need cash. You want a secure, confidential source to meet your cash needs? A safe place to sell your gold? A great deal on a previously loved LCD TV? We can help with that. We have been in the same location, in the same town for almost 20 years. You can count on us when you need cash.

You can sell your stuff to us if you want. You don’t have to sell to get cash. We loan on your gold, guns, guitars and a whole lot more! Try that at the hotel, oh yeah, forgot, they are already outta here, on to the next stop. Missed them? That’s all right, We are still here. Waiting to assist you with cash.

Come see us today!



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