You only sell your gold once, shop us last

You only get to sell your gold once. Why should you care? Because if you just take the first offer someone makes you, you don’t know if you got a good price or not. I am not going to get in a price war or just tell you that I pay more or I will beat others prices. I usually do, but everyone tells you that. I will prove it to you. Mid-South Pawn has been buying precious metals, gold, silver, diamonds, and a lot more since 1992.

We are here today because we do what we say. We don’t just come into town once or twice a year, lowball everyone, get the best stuff and leave. We are here for you all year. If you want to sell gold, diamonds, or about anything else, we are here for you today. We will be here tomorrow, or next year. Do you need a loan? we can loan you cash on your gold, coins or other valuables.

You don’t have to sell if you want cash but want to keep your stuff.

We want you to be happy with your experience with us. You want the best price for your gold and valuables, We understand. I don’t expect and wont ask you to “support local business” or “shop local” I know most people today shop and deal with whoever has the best price. I won’t pay more for it just because it is a local company. I will pay more if they have better service than their competitor. That is what some people don’t understand. Laws to make internet sellers collect sales tax are not the answer to help save main street. Main street needs to understand the way the world works and provide better service. I understand our business can’t compete with amazon or best buy on price. I can compete with them on convenice and service. I do this every day.

I can compete with the traveling buyers and hope you will give me the chance. Go ahead and shop around if you want, but come to me last. Let me make you an offer on your gold or other valuables. I won’t tell you I will beat anybody’s price, I will show you. To get the most for your stuff, you have to know what its worth. If you just believe anyone passing through, you can’t be sure. Check around, be sure you are getting the most for your stuff.



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