You saw the ads, now come see us.

You may have seen the ads for the pop up gold buyers.
They are kind of hard to miss. It seems like every day, in a hotel
somewhere there is a new guy buying gold and trying to tell
you to come see them.
You could do that, but you might want to check around.
They may be making you a good price, maybe not, but if you don’ t
check you won’t know.
At Mid South Pawn, we have been buying your gold,
silver, guitars, guns, and Lots more since 1992. We were here
yesterday, today, and will be here when you need us.
Maybe you need cash but don’t want to sell your gold.
That’s fine, we can loan you cash and hold your valuables
for security.
You pay the loan back, You get your stuff back. its still yours
The way gold prices are going these days, it might be worth more
when you come back to get it. If it is, we can loan more, or
buy it for more.
Whatever you do, you can only sell it once. You can pawn
it as many times as you may need to. If you do sell, check around,
you might be surprised. We will be glad to tell you what its worth.
Maybe more than you think.

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